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How it works.

Committing to 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minutes of mild exercise per week leads to a happier, healthier life! Meeting this goal is easy with Fitness Fox! We will guide and encourage you along the way! Start by simply selecting the exercise type you've done and the duration.

What is Fitness Fox?

Fitness Fox is designed to replace your paper workout journal. After listening to users who were disappointed by the selection of workout tracking apps, it combines the best features found in other apps with a minimalistic approach and a clean, easy-to-use interface. Give it a try. We know you'll love it!

Why people love it

We've been able to put together a great combination of simplicity, usability, and features. Because of this, Fitness Fox has become one of the most popular workout tracking apps.

How we beat the rest

Other workout apps take a simple thing and over complicate it. We believe that a workout log should do just what it says: log your workout, without getting in your way, or slowing you down.

Simple yet powerful

Fitness Fox has many features others don't have such as a summary page with stats from previous workouts, visual graphics showing progress to meet goals, and much more.

Resources To Help Reach Your Fitness Goals!

These links will help you create a balanced workout and nutrition plan.

About Our Company

Helping You Achieve Healthier Lifestyle

Fitness Fox provides users a simple way to track time spent working out. By logging exercise type and time spend, you can visually see progress over time. Fitness Fox is here as a helpful friend to guide and motivate you towards your goals. Consistent exercise reduces stress and in combination with a sensible diet will improve overall health for a longer, happier life.

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Fitness Fox started as a student project at Texas A&M in 2019, but quickly grew into a buzzing community of employees and users.